Christian Campground

Our progress

Our progress

Our vision for this campground is to provide a means for sharing the Love of Christ and the Hope we have in Him with the children of Romania and to lead them to a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Our goal was to have a functioning camp by the end of 2011, and God has brought us to that point and even further as 2012 has been a very busy summer! While we are not yet finished with all the construction, we have been able to host many camps, both from Romanian churches in the area as well as teams from the US.

Last summer we had Church Summer Camps with groups being able to stay overnight. We still had to use some sleeping bags and inflatable beds but the campers didn’t seem to mind. Through donations by individual like Sandra Day of Douglas, GA, Billy and Faye Godbee of Savannah, GA , First Baptist Church in Richmond Hill GA and Altamaha Baptist Church in Baxley GA we have been able to have 16 bunk beds custom built.

In addition to the Church Camps we also had two American teams to come and do day Vacation Bible School for kids from surrounding villages. A team from First Baptist Church in Richmond Hill, GA headed up the first VBS with 90- 100 kids in attendance each day. Kings Baptist Church from Mount Washington Kentucky USA assisted by teens from Holy Trinity Church in Baia Mare RO and a local school teacher Mariana Sovre led the Bible school and activities the second week. This team also went into Baia Mare and did Vacation Bible School at Holy Trinity Baptist Church.

Overall in spite of the obstacles we have faced with the failing economy, God has continued to bless us to move forward continuously little by little. We give Him the praise for all of this. Our prayer for the next coming months is that He will provide the way for us to start church services in the downstairs lobby this winter. We also need additional heating system for the building as well as finish the exterior of the building. We still need electrical work completed inside and of course more bunk beds by next summer. Please join us in prayer for God to supply these needs and that He will receive the Glory and Honor for everything He accomplishes through us here at Camp Finate.

Construction Continues:

We have several big projects in progress here at the camp. One is a mechanic garage that we began this spring and the second is a large gazebo behind the sports field.

The garage will allow us to train Romanians in the field of automechanics and acquire skills as well as to provide us with the location and tools needed to repair camp vehicles. It can also be used as a business to help support the ministry.

We also broke ground on what will be a large “Pavilion” behind the sports field. When it’s finished we will be able to use it for camp worship and crusades.

We now have a camp store by the river where campers and kids from the village can buy cokes and snacks. Ice cream has been quite a hit during the warm summer we’ve had.

The dorm rooms upstairs are almost finished, this spring they finished the woodwork and the bathrooms.

2014. Praise the Lord, we were able to meet our goal and the Pavilion was finished in time for the 2014 summer camps. At the bottom of the page are some updated photos of the pavilion. We also have near completion a small cabin on the hill behind the pavilion. God is good and has blessed us above and beyond our expectations.

2013 was not only a busy year for the camps but in the early months we were able to finish the dorms. The bunk beds were made on site in the training center carpenter shop and mattresses were purchased by Ten Mile Creek Baptist Church, Baxley GA USA. .

Also we were able to lay a patio from the back porch to the river bank and over to the cantina.

In June ground was broke for a pavilion and work was started at the site in July .In August the roof went up thanks to a couple of donors who blessed us with funding to get this done before the snow starts. Our hope is to finish the pavilion by the summer of 2014. It will need electricity as well as seating to accommodate a large groups. We also need electronics and sound equipment to be able to use it for evangelizing next summer.

A look forward to 2017

Our Progres continues in


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