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Finate International Campground is a subsidiary of “Worldwide Orphans in Need” that is dedicated to sharing the gospel with Romania and surrounding European countries. We are located in a rural area of the Maramures region of Romania. We are surrounded by the natural beauty of the Carpathian mountains. The rolling foothills are dotted with sheep and the picturesque haystacks typically associated with Transylvania and the Maramures region.

Our facility offers a modern fully equipped, clean and comfortable Christian atmosphere for Church Camps as well as English, Sport, Community and Cultural Awareness Camps. The main building can house seventy-five campers and sits by the river that runs through the property. We have a sports field for soccer, volley and basket ball across the river that is accessible via a covered bridge. We have a play area that has swings, slides, sandbox and see-saws for the little children. During camps a cantina where the campers can buy ice-cream, cola and other snacks is available.

We also have a pavilion available on the campground that can accommodate up to 400 persons for crusades, Praise and Worship concerts or used for children activities during the rainy season.

As our website name indicates, our ministry in Romania began by working with orphans only, but in 2007 Romania became part of the European Union and in their effort to move the children from an institutional setting, the orphanage we remodeled was closed in 2010 against our wishes. All of this has led our focus to change somewhat but some of the orphans we loved and worked with in that orphanage are now helping us to share the gospel with the Roma children in our area.

A portion of our ministry time is dedicated to working with Roma and underprivileged children in the area As believers we feel it is our responsibility to bring light and hope into a world of darkness that destroys the hearts of mankind. What better place to start than in the heart of a child without optimism or hope.

In the off season winter months we assist widows with whatever needs they might have. We help the sick and suffering with home visits, medical supplies, wound care and clothing supplied by our supporters.

Some of our mission goals and plans:

1. The main goal of our mission is to bring glory and honor to God by being

obedient to his command to go into all the world and preach the gospel to

all creation.

2. To provide Bible study, Bibles and gospel literature to our area

3. To assist with meeting the physical, medical and social needs in our community

4. To assist the local churches with space accommodations and Baptismal

Services at the campground when needed.

5. Spiritual support to the area by bringing pastors from the US and other

countries to preach and to do teaching seminars in the local churches.

6. To provide a safe and fun place for the local children to swim, play sports,

and be with their friends without the influence of prejudices, smoking and


7. To provide training to the older male orphans in the field of carpentry, auto

mechanics and iron works at the camp garage and training center.

8. To provide extended mission experience and work for those who feel God is

calling them to the mission field as a way of life and service

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